Pandemic Punk Lyrics out now!

Pandemic Punk (alt title: Corona on my mind)


Let’s go – nowhere
Let’s be – no-one
Let’s do – nothing
Corona is the only thing
On my mind

I wake up in the morning
Cause I gotta walk my dog
We all know there’s a warning
Since it’s written on a blog
Log on to read the newest
I take care I’m in control
I’ve always been a nudist
And I never went to Seoul

Let’s go – nowhere
Let’s be – no-one
Let’s do – nothing
Corona is the only thing
On my mind

The gel is in my pocket
Guess we gotta keep it clean
I’m the loneliest punky rocket
That the world has ever seen
Got a thousand grams of yeast now
But I’ve never baked a bread
The YouTube is a know-how
While I’m curling up in bed

Let’s go – nowhere
Let’s be – no-one
Let’s do – nothing
Corona is the only thing
On my mind

Debate it all on FB
Simply haven’t got a clue
You’re praying to the big three
Though they never thought of you
I’m talking to my plants – yes
None’s around to say I’m weird
A mother freaking big mess
You’re alone and you are feared


The virus a pandemic
What to do when nothing’s left
Should have read to be a chemist
Isn’t hoarding kind of theft
Humanity has woken
It’s the only chance we have
The Earth is crying, broken
And it’s all on your behalf

Let’s go – nowhere
Let’s be – no-one
Let’s do – nothing
Corona is the only thing
On my mind

Corona is the only thing
On my mind

New single “Have a Brunch” out February 7th 2020!

“Have a Brunch” is the second single from the Juka Trashy album Auto Fiction. The album is a cinematic journey into lo-fi rock’n’roll, surf and singer-songwriting strongly inspired by movie soundtracks.

On “Have a Brunch” you’ll experience Juka Trashy’s sensual voice, Theodore Doubinsky’s (BOAT) steady and laid back bass, percussionist Simon Behrentz Jensen’s (Morgan Square) entangling tambourine, tight electronic drums and a cinematic build-up to Juka Trashy’s fast and dirty guitars.

With the single, Juka Trashy has been compared to cult bands as Xmal Deutschland and as a singer, she has been compared to Kim Deal, lead vocal in The Breeders, and Cat Power.

Original and authentic

Don’t let her cute looks fool you! Juka Trashy is far from a beginner of the music. She originates from the Danish underground and punk scene and is known from amongst others Walking Psychosis, Qu’est-ce Que Fück? and Mack The Knife, as well as guest, performer as Hank Robot’s Headless Chickens (Kim Kix, Powersolo), support for members of the German cult band Lene Lovich (Jude Rawlings, Kirsten Morrisson) and bassist Greta Brinkmann (Debbie Harry).

Don’t fake it ’till you make it

“If you can’t play your song from A-Z, don’t release it” – Juka Trashy

Inspired by old school principles and honour to the musical handcraft all basic recordings are done as one-takes. Quantize and vocoder are illegal in the universe of Juka Trashy as are photographic body- and skin alterations.

The entire track is mixed on a combination of an analogue Otari MTR-90 MKII and a DDA Q consol by Jonathan Jensen from Cable Hell Studio and mastered by the legendary Pete Maher (Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, Pixies, Patti Smith).

Rough and petite

Juka Trashy herself is a rare combination of rough and petite, so if you’re into strong women, a dirty Nancy Sinatra, The Ronettes played by a proper Ramones punk fan or just 1960’s surf with a dash of distortion and sloppiness it is strongly recommended that you check her out.

“Have a Brunch” is out on commercial streaming sites (Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube Music etc.) as well as Bandcamp on February 7th 2020
Insta: @jukatrashy
The single “Have a Brunch” and the album Auto Fiction is supported by Koda’s cultural funds.