New Single For Peace: Poets are Howling

Coco Chanel in my window sill
Next to the Buddha taking a pill
Peace dove has landed but not in Brazil
Ice bears are melting a vest on Bastille

Poets are howling but who ever read
Writings abandoned and artists that fled
Voices from Chile the blood that was shed
Members of NATO that try to forget

All dictators life invaders
Governments and legislators
Misogynists and war crusaders
Speculators moneymakers
You’re the ones
That have betrayed us

Women cut hair while they fight the police
Iranians Kurdish don’t live on their knees
Ukraine is beating the Putin disease
Various leaders with false guarantees

How many walls does it take to erase
The ancient timelines of people with grace
Buying red poppies that drink from a vase
Fighters and lovers we lost in the race


released October 4, 2023
Music and lyrics are handheld, played, sung, and written by Juka Trashy
Mastering engineer: Pete Maher