Juka Trashy: lo-fi rock with a dash of surf Juka Trashy is a rare combination of petite and rough. If you’re into cool women, a Nancy Sinatra, Ronettes played by a proper Ramones fan or just 1960s surf with a dash of distortion it is strongly recommended that you check it out. Expect deep and dark vocals with sensual undertones and a lo-fi expression when you experience Juka’s cinematic sounds.

She originates from the Danish underground and punk scene and is known from amongst others Qu’est-ce Que Fück? and Mack The Knife. Furthermore as a guest performer as Hank Robot’s Headless Chickens (Kim Kix, Powersolo), support for members of the German cult band Lene Lovich (Jude Rawlings, Kirsten Morrisson) and bassist Greta Brinkmann (Debbie Harry).