34 m2 of Fun

Juka Trashy & Lady Petit released their split EP “34 m2 of Fun” on May 29th, 2020. This EP showcases two alter egos and presents a contemporary musical statement that proves the Danish underground scene has no shortage of cool and socio-critical women made of pure madness and rock’n’roll. The EP was written, recorded, produced, and mixed in a makeshift home studio apartment in Denmark during voluntary corona quarantine from mid-March to end-April 2020.

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Photo: Lady Petit by Juka Trashy

Juka Trashy, with her dark humor, whining guitars, and intense vocals, is back on track. Her punk, rock’n’roll style, mixed with a good dose of surf, will take you on a wild ride. Juka is a die-hard Ramones fan with ethereal and plaintive vocals reminiscent of the legendary Kim Deal and Cat Power.

Lady Petit, who has been in hibernation for eight years, has reemerged during the coronavirus pandemic with a fresh and eclectic approach to music. Her sound hovers somewhere between art and psychiatry, and she is best described as a female and contemporary counterpart to art-punk.

The EP features songs about the corona crisis, including Juka Trashy’s “Pandemic Punk”, a punk rock commentary that speaks to the isolation and insecurity that swelled during the first few days of the covid19 quarantine. On the avant-garde piano-track “Who is Your Prison”, Lady Petit raises the question of who our prisons really are when we go into quarantine. On the acoustic and melancholic “Zero Spring”, she experiments with various types of percussion and background noise. The lyrics revolve around all the spring romances that died out during quarantine, and the breathy vocals have been compared to Björk.

The EP also touches on the topics of gender, bands, and sexuality. “Anti Candy” is a sound that sends thoughts in the direction of Sonic Youth. With noisy guitars and provocative lyrics, Juka Trashy chastises the women who divide and conquer bands and musical environments with sex and intrigue. “I ain’t no Lollipop” is a punk rock track directed at all the men who think they can do whatever they want just because they think you’re hot. This song is reminiscent of L7’s “Shitlist” and Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking”.

Overall, Juka Trashy & Lady Petit’s EP “34 m2 of Fun” is a must-listen for any music lover. It’s a perfect blend of punk rock, art-punk, and contemporary music, and is sure to please any fan of the Danish underground scene. Get ready for a wild ride with Juka Trashy & Lady Petit on May 29th, 2020.