The team behind Auto Fiction

“Auto Fiction” isn’t like other albums. It’s a big international DIY production featuring more than ten different nationalities on everything from vocals to mixing. There’s no big corporation behind it, just good old-fashioned curiosity, coincidence, a master plan, and a lot of hard work from everyone involved.


Juka Trashy: Vocals, guitar, bass, synth, keys, percussion, production, mix, recordings as well as composer and author (Qu’est-ce Que Fück?, Hank Robots Headless Chickens, Mack The Knife, Walking psychosis), DK/BE/SE/NO

Backing vocals

Lene Carlskov: Backing Vocals, percussion, DK


Perry Stenbäck: Lap steel, baritone guitar (Sebastian, Allan Olsen, Erann DD), SE

Roger Langvik: 12 string, NO


Theodore Doubinsky: Bass (BOAT), DK/FR

Pedro Da Palma: Bass (Clean Boys, Godt Mudder, John D Band), DK

Benn Dickenson: Bass, UK 

Drums and percussion

Hugh Brace: Drums, UK

Simon Behrenz Jensen: Percussion (Morgan Square), DK

Recordings, mix, production

Cable Hell Studio, Jonathan Jensen: Recordings, producer, mix, DK 

Stonebreaker Audio, Tyler Blair: Mix, production, US

NREC: Recordings, producer, IT 

Penguin Productions (Lowly, NovemberDecember, Who Killed Bambi), DK


Pete Maher: Mastering. (Patti Smith, Pixies, Jack White, Nick Cave), UK 

Recording studio: QMusikkorruption, DE/FR/US

ET Mastering (Baby In Vain, Bersærk, Lydmor): DK


Louise Elisabeth Andersen: Photography, DK

Jace Images: Photography, UK


Eneko Sanz: Video production (Rolling Eyes Films), ES 

Branding manager

Ted Fauster, Truly Fearless Life, US